In BC, an Advance Care Plan is a legal document which names a representative who will speak on your behalf if you can no longer make health care decisions by yourself. Great Circle will guide you through the process of choosing a suitable representative, filling out the required forms, and documenting your health care wishes to share with your doctor, chosen representative(s), and loved ones. 

The ‘When I Die’ box represents one easy-to-access location which contains all the documents and personal papers needed to settle your estate. This could be a physical or digital location, and could also include small sentimental items and private letters or photographs with instructions for distribution. Great Circle will assist you in gathering this information and storing it in one secure location.

A funeral, memorial service, or celebration of life is an important way for family and friends to come together to honour, remember, and grieve a life. A service traditionally happens after death, but it can be held at any time. Great Circle will help you plan your event to any degree you wish – from deciding who will speak and what music will be played to managing the event itself.

Whether you are moving to a new home, getting rid of unwanted possessions, or clearing out a house after someone has died, Great Circle can help. We will provide two hours of direct support, giving you professional tips and tricks so you don’t get overwhelmed before you even get started. If more assistance is required, we can provide a further quote to cover any work that is needed.

Circles of care refer to your support network – family, friends, neighbours, professionals, etc – who are involved in your at-home care whether you are recovering from illness or surgery, or are in a palliative care situation. Great Circle will organize and schedule the services you need, including social visits, in-home care, pet care, home or garden maintenance, meal delivery, and transportation.

End of life planning should include discussions of your wishes with your family and loved ones. These discussions can be challenging and fraught with emotion, but are less difficult when there is a neutral third-party present. Great Circle will help you set clear goals for the meeting, assist with meeting facilitation, and provide any needed follow-up after the meeting is over.

At Great Circle we provide a wide range of end of life planning services. However, if you have a request that falls outside the services listed, please ask! If we are unable to assist you directly, we will try to find other local service providers who can help.

All of our service packages (listed above) start with a free consultation to discuss what you need and how we can help. All packages are $120 and include two hours of one-to-one work. If extra time is needed, we will provide further assistance at a rate of $50/hour.

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